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The aim of the club is to promote the interest in technically and historically intersting vehicles (both cars and motorcycles). Through its parent organization, MHRF, the club has the possibility to influence the authorities regarding decisions that concern our activities. In this way, the veteran motor organizations have accomplished that inspections of cars made before the year of 1950 are no longer necessary, and cars older than thirty years are exempt from vehicle tax. We also often join various local events, in order to spread the awareness of our hobby.


The members of the club come from all professions, e.g. engineers, construction workers, professors, teachers, mechanics, opticians, policemen, restaurant-keepers, hairdressers and painters. The car park is just as varied, and you don't need to own a Rolls Royce to join. You are welcome whether you own a Harley Davidson, an MG, a Ford Model A, a Ferrari, a Volvo Amazon in good condition, an old Monark 98 cc, or simply no vehicle at all!

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